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This is unspeakably perfect.

I died.

I guess you could say this moment was stone cold gold


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scientists could scour the arctic for decades and never find anything colder than this

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White peacocks fighting for dominance

Malfoys in America:

Like their British relatives, the pureblooded Malfoy family has been a potent political force in the AWC since the early colonial period, though they are not nearly so unilateral in their opinions. There are, in fact, three distinct Malfoy lineages in the AWC, each with their own preoccupations and concerns:[1]

The Virginia-Malfoys: The earliest descendents of the Malfoy family to arrive in the new world were Gallus Malfoy and his bride (and second cousin) Vela Malfoy nee Black. The couple had acquired a rather verdant tract of land in the piedmont region in 1647, which they have held to this day as the family seat. The Virginia-Malfoys have been historical advocates of their own superiority. Owning vast and fertile tracts of land, this branch of the family promoted the slave trade and pressed for more flexibility in the Statute of Secrecy that would allow them to enchant and bind their human chattel using a variety of hexes and unbreakable vows, all under the premise that their slaves were more animal than human anyway, and the Statute shouldn’t count where they were concerned. The family suffered a major setback after the end of the Wizarding Civil War (a conflict which otherwise barely touched them directly, as few scions of the house were willing to enter the fray directly) and were forced to sell much of their properties and holdings around the state to ensure their continued wealth and influence. They have since bounced back into prominence, and recently Phoebus Malfoy (86) retired from his seat as a Representative for the South-Eastern Region of Congress. He has since been replaced by his son, Fractus Malfoy (49), who currently represents Purists interests. The Virginia-Malfoys have been long investors and alumni of the Randolph-Poythress Institute of Magic, and were avid supporters of the Revolutionary War.  

The Boston-Malfoys: The second-oldest branch of the Malfoys in the new world, the Boston Malfoys immigrated to Massachusetts in 1675, settling in the city that has been their home now for over three-hundred years. The homestead was founded by Delphine Malfoy and her eldest son, Perseus, to keep closer tabs on the family interest in what is now famously known as the “Triangle-Trade” out of Boston. Though more closely embroiled in the slave-trade than their southern  cousins, the Boston-Malfoys were forced to diversify their interests after the slave-trade was abolished. They invested in ship-building and industry in the early 1800s and prospered as a result, though there were charges leveled against them for violating a number of fair-trading laws and muggle-protections throughout the 19th century. Cellus Malfoy was actually imprisoned in Under-State Penitentiary in 1854 for using the Imperius Curse to obtain free labor from unwitting Muggles. His daughter, Portentia, joined him 15 years later for jinxing the machinery of Muggle competitors. Though the family originally insisted on sending their heirs and scions back to Hogwarts for their education, they began sending them to the Salem Institute after the War of 1812. Though they haven’t held a political seat in 50 years, the Boston-Malfoys are considered one of the wealthiest families in the AWC.

The Savannah-Malfoys:  Looked down upon by the Virginia and Boston Malfoys, the Savannah branch of the family actually has very little relation to its more northern relatives, being descended from the original French family instead of its English offshoot. The Savannah Malfoys came to the AWC in 1793 from Paris, fleeing the Reign of Terror, and established themselves in Georgia. They rose quickly to prominence in the magical society of the south, riding high on the growing sentiment of Purism. Keeping only a small tract of land and small number of slaves, rumors nonetheless began to fly of the family’s strange magical practices, which were considered dark even by the standards of South-Eastern magical families. They have, over the centuries, retained their social influence even while rising and falling on tides of economic strength. The one thing that can be said of the Savannah-Malfoys however, is as bad as their luck can be you can always bet that somehow things are worse for their enemies.

[1] There were once four lineages in the new world, but the Louisiana-Malfoys’ line was extinguished in the late 1800s for reasons that have never officially been established, though popular rumor insists that the leader of the family at the time, Cressius Malfoy, crossed Marie Laveau and suffered the consequences…or possibly still does.




Food Geometry [mrlovenstein]

There is penultimate truth in this imagery.

*wears the paper hat*


Japan’s Nabana no Sato Botanical Garden used over 7,000,000 LED lights to create this amazing tribute to nature featuring displays of rainbows, auroras, and Mt. Fuji.


everything looks cuter on the clearance rack




When radiologists take a selfie


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